A groundbreaking eight-part NFT project featuring world-leading athletes, artists and creators. With an exclusive collection of NFTs every drop, all on the Ethereum blockchain, Project.824 allows members to unlock a part of history.

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The roadmap

Project.824 is an 8-part NFT project that will give holders access and utility to the likes of Shaquille O'Neal and many more elite athletes and celebrities along the way. This NFT series will be Tyson Beck's debut NFT project and will have the unbelievable artwork of Tyson and its own access, utility and experiences attached to it. Get ready because this is something you don't want to miss!

Drop 1

  • Tyson Beck’s debut NFT!!
  • Membership to the ‘Collectors Club’ for earliest access to future card drops from Tyson Beck
Each NFT has the same level of utility however, the more rare have a little extra added in than the level below. All of the 200 the team are holding will be Base level and all Purple, Gold and Platinum will be part of the 2,280 available to mint.
  • In-person or exclusive online admission to Project.824 screening preview (TBA) and IRL meet-up.
  • Access to our exclusive members only, gated 824 Discord community.
  • Weekly holder competitions and giveaways.
  • Exclusive merchandise claim for all holders.


  • Base (1,995): Private Shaquille O'Neal event for all holders.
  • Purple (250): Access to the ‘Evening With Shaquille O'Neal event.
  • Gold (20): Royal treatment at Royal Stacks with Shaquille O'Neal and the team.
  • Platinum (15): wine and dine with Shaquille O’Neal & the Project.824 founders AND an exclusive meet and greet opportunity with the man himself, Hasbulla!
Project.824 will culminate in a fractional ownership stake for holders who own NFTs from all 8 drops in what the team can only describe as a groundbreaking, ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity that is yet to be seen in the NFT space.

The team

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Tyson Beck

The most renowned sports card artist in the world, and someone who Kobe knew and respected. Tyson Beck in the last few years has achieved direct and exclusive card deals with Jayson Tatum, Steph Curry, Donovan Mitchell, Khabib, and more. All of these cards have sold out within minutes. Tyson is a close partner of The Hour Group and an integral part of this project, which will be his first foray into the NFTs.

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Founded in 2017, The Hour Group is an entertainment company passionate about creating unforgettable live experiences for fans and the talent that they partner with. We specialise in live speaking events, concerts, music festivals and comedy shows. We have had over 50 live experiences, sold over 100,000 tickets and sold out diverse venues from outdoor parklands to arenas. We are the biggest independent live events company in Australia and New Zealand.

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